Selfie Stick For iPhone, Android – STICKITPRO With Built-in Bluetooth and Remote Shutter For iPhone 6,6S,5s 5c 5 4s 4 ,Samsung Galaxy

Selfie Stick For iPhone, Android - STICKITPRO With Built-in Bluetooth and Remote Shutter For iPhone 6,6S,5s 5c 5 4s 4 ,Samsung Galaxy

  • Get the best selfie stick on Amazon , bluetooth and has a remote button , simply pair with your device and get going
  • Join Thousands of loyal customers who love The #1 selfie stick for iPhone ,Galaxy .STICKITPRO can be used with any iPhone 6,6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S,4, Samsung Galaxy S5 ,S4, S3, Note 4, 3, HTC One M8, Nexus, LG G3 , Android and many more.
  • ✔ Compatible with iOS 4.0 and Android 4.2 or Above : Charge for 2 hours with the micro USB cable we supply, then pair with your phone via Bluetooth .STICKITPRO Has a longer battery life with faster recharge than most brands.
  • ✔ StickItPro Selfie Stick has a built in button so you are ready to snap a masterpiece (once paired) and your phone is always ready to go at a moment’s notice with this state of the art selfie stick.
  • ✔ No Batteries! Yes you don’t need any additional cost of batteries, StickItPro has its own. Use the Micro-USB Charging Cord supplied to charge and away you go! (NOTE USER MANUAL EMAILED TO YOU AFTER SALE IS MADE, NOT INCLUDED)

Selfie Stick – StickItPro

Backup And Online Security Practices In 2016 – DataBatcher

Backup And Online Security Practices In 2016 - DataBatcherWhen it comes to data security, tight access control is critical. Consider the headlines for breaches in data security. Besides the obvious need to control access to a network, data located on laptops that are then stolen are the number 1 cause for data theft. This is especially relevant to backup data – the things businesses depend on to continue operating in the event of theft, accident, or other data compromise. Whether on a home computer or a business server, data security is an issue of vital importance in today’s digital world. Simply put, data security involves protecting the various forms of data that are stored on the hard drives found on laptops, desktops and on servers around the world. With the internet allowing unprecedented access to the computers of others, data security has become more important than ever before.

No matter what firewall you use, what antivirus software you have installed, what anti-spyware you run, you are probably one of the millions of people on this planet who are surfing the internet without any type of data security protection. Data security protection on the internet is a must. Data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites.Read Full Article

DBF Recovery & DBF Repair tool to repair & fix dbf files INSTANTLY!

DBF Recovery & DBF Repair tool to repair & fix dbf files INSTANTLY!Kernel for DBF Recovery Tool – Professional DBF Repair Software DBF Database Recovery Software and Recovery Utility Kernel DBF Recovery Software is a professional DBF Repair software to fix dbf files created with visual foxpro and dBase files.

DBF Database Repair software effectively recover deleted dbf files.DBF Recovery software easy to use and requires minimum technical skills. It determines file formats automatically.

DBF Database Recovery Software – DBF Repair – DBF Recovery

Features of Kernel DBF Recovery Software

Repair DBF table structure and data.

Support to repair DBF files (batch of DBF files).

Creates New Database files(.DBF).

Provides you to update the software.

Easy-to-use interfaces: Intuitive user interface that requires no technical skills.

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What Are The Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing ?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing is a newer technology and application framework that is rapidly making changes on internet connected devices and services worldwide. If this is the first time hearing about it then expect to hear that word a lot more in future. Whereas the current model of business computing requires having a computer or work station that holds all your files, iWhat Are The Top Benefits Of Cloud Computings updated to the latest software, contains the required hardware, this new concept moves all the files, advanced hardware onto servers that you connect to with your own computer via the network, and do all your computing “in the cloud”. The term “In the cloud” is used because the practical management of the hardware that contains the files is abstracted, and they are only ever present on your computer when  downloaded.

Cloud computing services like’s online backup allow you to obtain the resources you need the most while you are online.You run a remote program on your desktop and this will backup to remote servers in the cloud at an interval you specify, We use it and love and recommend you visit Hightechcoupons to get Carbonite offer codes and discounts to heavily decrease the subscription costs of the program They are offered on-demand. They are closely associated with grid computing, as they can tackle large resource collections, including hardware and software. You can thus perform large numbers of multiple jobs. All these characteristics together make cloud computing truly amazing in the field of IT development. Businesses have been largely benefited by hiring cloud services’ providers..Read Full Story Offers A Robust Online Backup Service Says DeTron Inc Offers A Robust Online Backup Service Says DeTron IncSAN FRANCISCO, USA (April 16, 2016) Carbonite is among the best cloud backup services. Offering unlimited online backup and a user-friendly dashboard interface, it makes the task of uploading your digital data to the cloud painless. Carbonite is a comprehensive and robust online backup service that will keep your important files backed up with a minimum of fuss and virtually no interference. It’s all controlled by a simple program that runs invisibly in the background. In fact, the recent release of Carbonite 4.0, makes the whole process even easier. They’ve simplified the setup and given you more options for restoring your files. Carbonite is the easiest online backup software to use. All you have to do is install a small application on your computer and the program looks for new and changed files to backup and does so quietly in the background so it doesn’t interrupt what you are doing. It is completely unobtrusive. You will never even know it is running in the background quietly saving all of your data.

Considering the fact that all of Carbonite’s personal plans come with an unlimited amount of storage space, their rates are surprisingly affordable. Their Basic plan only costs about $ $59.99 per year, roughly $4.99 per month per computer and you’re able to upload as many files as you want to the cloud. One thing to be aware of with Carbonite’s pricing structure is that you must pay for at least one year of service upfront. There are also two- and three-year terms available if one of these suits you better. The longer you subscribe for, the more money you save. If you plan on sticking with the same cloud storage service for a considerable amount of time, you’re better off paying for a longer term when you sign up if you can manage it.

Personal service from Carbonite offers unlimited GB for a single computer license. The most basic package is priced at $59.99 for an annual contract. As features are added the price rises to $99.99 per year for Personal Plus or $149.99 for Personal Prime. Pro service from Carbonite offers 250 GB of storage for an unlimited number of computers for $269.99 per year. Pro Prime service offers 500 GB of storage for an unlimited number of computers for $599.99 per year. Server service from Carbonite provides greater server backup protection starting at $799.99 per year. It then increases to $899.99 for Server Prime and $999.99 for Server Pro Bundle. Carbonite also gives you 5% off your 2 year subscription and 10% off your 3 year subscription if you visit their top reseller and get the latest posted …. Read The Full Article at

Carbonite Backup Solutions For Business

Carbonite Backup Solutions For Business

There is no doubt that online backup technology has taken over the market when it comes to an individual’s computer backup needs. By using online backup storage, you can protect all the valuable information and data that is on yCarbonite1our desktop or laptop computer. This includes all documents, files, photos and even your valuable music library.

If you are looking into using Carbonite backup solutions for your business, you are definitely on the right track. Carbonite is one of the most secure, affordable, and easiest backup solutions that you can find in the market today. With over 75,000 businesses and 1.5 million customers in more than 100 countries, the company is the worldwide market leader in the online backup industry… Full Story

StickItPro Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review – Are They Any Good ?

StickItPro Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review – Are They Any Good ?

We Reviewed StickItPro On Amazon – Is It Any Good ? Yes It Is

Inside the packaging of the StickItPro Bluetooth Selfie stick are the telescoping stick, a clamp that holds your phone, a mirror piece that slides into the clamp so you can use the better camera on the back of your phone, a charging cable, instructions, and stickitproa drawstring pouch to hold it all when not in use.

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Taking photos every now and then to record and preserve everyday experiences has become a trend. Since almost all smartphones come with exceptional cameras, it has become effortless to capture photos. However, you wouldn’t want to depend on other people to take your picture using your cell phone. Besides, taking your own photo using a front camera might not turn out well. Fortunately, the selfie stick was invented. In essence, it is a telescopic camera grip and is comparable to a monopod, which is often used by professional photographers for taking snapshots. StickItPro Selfie Stick is the one the best selfie stick.

What Are The Key Features Of StickItPro ?

The StickItPro Selfie is a solid choice whether you want an iPhone selfie stick or a selfie stick for your Samsung or other type of Android cell phone.  It has the key features of the top of the line selfie sticks such as shutter-button in handle that connects to phone by Bluetooth,  mirror so you can take pictures with high resolution back camera, in addition to front camera, phone holder automatically locks when adjusting to different angles, your phone will be secure with all four sides secured in the holder and another great feature is that the head detaches so you can attach it to a regular camera tripod.

The StickItPro Selfie Stick weighs less than ½ lb with adjustable phone holder clamp and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position, so practically you can bring it along with comfort to shoot your selfies fabulously by just simply press the button on the handle and snap it right away.

You can take photos you never thought were possible.  Built into the holder are 9 different rotational axis to give you a wide variety of shots & angles to capture your best moments. No Remote Control to Lose. Built-In Wireless Bluetooth Remote removes all the hassle “so you can save time & find the perfect shot”.

The StickItPro Selfie comes with a lot of cool features. The bluetooth enabled button allows you to connect to your phone and snap a photo with a simple click of a button on the handle of the StickItPro Selfie. No need to set timers or anything! Snap multiple photos with ease. The telecopying arm is great for adjusting the distance of your shot. Another awesome feature is that the head of the StickItPro Selfie pivots forward and backward to create the best angle and it unscrews like your traditional tripod mount!

What Phones Is It Compatible With ?

It is compatible with any iPhone 6, 5, 5s, 5s, 4s and 4, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC and most Android smartphones. NOT RECOMMENDED for iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Note phones.  It is also compatible with regular digital cameras (but shutter button won’t work unless the camera has bluetooth).

Even though there might be other selfie sticks that are more compact or have a holder that is easier to put the phone in and out of, the mirror is a killer feature.  With the mirror, your pictures will be much higher quality than if you took pictures with your front camera.

This stick is great for taking selfies from long distances. If you are a solo traveler and you like to get both yourself and the scenery in the picture without having to ask someone for help. You can get so much more of the background than you  have before. Whether you’re at the beach or at a concert, you can make the most of every memory. It’s an added bonus that you feel your  phone is safe and secure, even while moving around.


This selfie stick is exceptional. Much easier to use compared to other selfie sticks that require a separate shutter stick. Only one hand is needed so you can have the other free to do as you wish. The shutter button is conveniently located where your  finger can get a good grip on the photo capture button. It took seconds to connect the StickItPro Selfie to my iPhone. Even better it came with a charge so you could use it right away then charge it. Currently there are coupons to get 25% off StickitPro but only for a short limited time

Videos Of Stick ItPro

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